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The Aussie Experience

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There’s nothing like Australia, perhaps sums up what this country-cum-continent has to offer to its visitors. Aquatic and coastal experiences are amongst the greatest drivers of visitor demand. Known for its world-class natural beauty, it keeps everyone guessing about its breadth, depth and quality of natural offering.

Be it the Great Barrier Reef or the magnificent city of Sydney or the Sacred Rock of Uluru or a drive on the Great Ocean Road in Melbourne or Whitehaven Beach and Surfers‘ Paradise of the Gold Coast or meeting with the Aboriginals or watching the Penguin Parade – one has to be there to realise it. All the major cities are quite distant from each other and hence perhaps flying is the best option here.

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  • Coastal and Adventure Journeys
  • Natural and Aboriginal Discoveries
  • Hiking, Walking and a lot of Flying
  • Water sports and beaches

3 Nights,Gold Coast & Tangalooma

Spend 2 nights in Gold Coast and 1 Night in Tangalooma

6 Nights,Sydney & Gold Coast

Spend 3 nights in Sydney and 3 nights in Gold coast

7/8 nights,Cairns, Sydney & Gold Coast

Spend 3 nights in Sydney, 2 nights in Gold Coast and 2 nights in Cairns

7 nights,Melbourne, Sydney & Goad Coast

Spend 2 nights in Sydney, 2 nights in Melbourne and 2 nights in Gold Coast

4 nights,Adelaide & Alice Spring

Spend 2 nights in Adelaide & 2 nights in Alice Spring

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